WHIM architecture allows possibilities to create innovative design solutions generating a unique approach, that synthesizes the international experience of the Rotterdam based firm. The office was founded in 2005 by Ramon Knoester (NL).

The work is a combination of design and research. Committed to innovative and enjoyable architecture, WHIM responds to the specific circumstances and inherent potentialities of each project. Programmatic layout and sculptural form are the main assets of the office, where each design results in a carefully studied form.

Research and working with the knowledge of different experts, creates an interdisciplinary collaboration with engineers, planners, landscape architects, ecologists and scientists. Approaching each project in a collaborative process provides innovative architectural solutions, which expand the possibilities and expectations of modern Architecture.

It is the option of the office that where society changes, architecture should adapt: a considerable amount of time is paid to analysis, research and the best architectural response. WHIM won awards about how to react to the growing number of single households and the of ageing population.

Currently the worldwide plastic pollution of our seas and oceans has priority. With the project Recycled Park, plastic litter is retrieved from the rivers and recycled to create new floating landscape.

The creative expertise is reflected on diverse ranges of design. WHIMs work, including products, public buildings and residential developments, has led to direct commissions, numerous distinguished competition entries and award winning projects.

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